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Youth Services Division Communications Plan

  1. The administrator will conduct periodic meetings with the division management team and direct reports as follows:
    1. Bi-weekly individual meetings with both superintendents and the Youth Community Corrections Bureau chief and direct reports
    2. Quarterly management team meetings on an annual basis
    3. Monthly and quarterly status-report meetings to obtain updates on established goals and objectives, provide feedback and identify support needs.
  2. The administrator promotes an “open-door policy” to encourage open communication, feedback and discussion about any matter of importance to an employee. The policy means employees are free to talk with any manager at any time.
  3. The administrator will update staff on department accomplishments, concerns and announcements by preparing and emailing to each work unit a summary report following each roundtable meeting.
  4. The administrator will visit each facility quarterly and each regional parole office annually.
  5. Division staff meetings will be conducted twice a year to share information on department and division goals, objectives and activities; provide an opportunity for social interaction; and celebrate employee and department successes.
  6. The administrator will invite staff from other divisions to staff meetings to foster teamwork, understanding of interests and needs, and relationships.
  7. All division staff will use available technology such as conference calls, voice mail, email, intranet, video conference equipment, and online meeting capabilities to assure information is shared throughout the division and department.
  8. The administrator and division management team will coordinate to assure at least one article on division activities or topics of interest is contributed to each edition of the department newsletter, “Correctional Signpost.”