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Montan Women's Prison Communications Plan

  1. Management team members (warden, deputy wardens and operations manager) meet on a weekly basis to review projects, objectives and discuss issues requiring immediate attention.
  2. The leadership team (department managers and wardens) meets bi-weekly to provide department updates and coordinate activities.
  3. Staff members meet monthly with offender representatives on the Resident Advisory Council (RAC) to discuss proposals and problems and answer questions.
  4. Policies, procedures and forms are available on the hard drive of the facility computer and the DOC website to assure that staff members have ready access. Correctional staff members are required to document that they have read all pertinent policies, operational procedures and post orders related to their position and understand the content.
  5. Treatment team meetings that address offenders’ treatment, disciplinary issues, medical needs and reentry plans are held weekly. Specific special needs offenders will be staffed to assure consistency in treatment.
  6. The treatment staff meets weekly with the deputy warden of treatment to address program needs.
  7. Lieutenants meet monthly with the deputy warden of security on a monthly basis and as needed to provide and receive updates regarding all operations of the prison.
  8. Offenders’ incident reports and disciplinary sanctions are stored on the hard drive of the facility computer and are available to all staff for review. All offender information is available through OMIS and CON.
  9. Management team members tour the building and speak with staff and residents on a weekly basis.
  10. E-mail is a primary communication tool. Information of interest is communicated to all staff including memorandums from Central Office, prison management, human resources, treatment providers, operations and service providers within the prison.
  11. Briefings are provided to all staff reporting for duty on each shift by the lieutenants and include updates on activities scheduled for that shift, previous shift activities, and any possible issues that may occur with offenders during that shift.
  12. Staff members maintain an electronic log of information on activities in each housing unit.
  13. A monthly informational newsletter is distributed by the human resources staff, with updates on issues affecting staff members.