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Montana State Prison Communications Plan

  1. MSP/MCE Communications Committee - This is a group made up of representatives from departments at Montana State Prison and Montana Correctional Enterprise. The MCE administrator and MSP warden endorse the work done by the committee.
  2. Warden's division staff meeting - Every Wednesday morning at 8 a.m., staff members reporting to the warden and deputy warden meet to discuss operational issues. A representative from MCE, DOC legal unit and the DOC accounting unit also attend this meeting.
  3. General staff meeting - This meeting is held the first Tuesday of each month and minutes of the meetings are kept and published for the staff. Every staff meeting has an open question-and-answer period on any subject. Any MSP/MCE staff can attend these meetings.
  4. Morning security briefings - These briefings are held Monday and Friday at 7:30 a.m. with the warden, associate wardens and the Contract Placement Bureau chief. On Wednesdays, this security briefing is held in conjunction with the Warden’s division meeting. Write-ups and incident reports are reviewed and potential hot spots or problem issues that require follow-up are discussed. Everyone has an opportunity to present issues. Other staff attends as needed to discuss issues requiring immediate attention.
  5. New employee orientation - Each member of the warden's management team is responsible for a module of instruction in the pre-service training program. This training is required for all staff.
  6. Labor/management meetings - The MCE administrator, warden, a human resources representative and the associate warden of security meet monthly with members of the executive board from Local 4700 to discuss issues and concerns the union has regarding operations at Montana Correctional Enterprises and Montana State Prison. Minutes of the meetings are kept and posted on the union bulletin board as well as distributed via email.
  7. Safety meetings - Designated staff from Montana State Prison work areas, Montana Correctional Enterprises, human resources and union representatives meet monthly to discuss safety issues, accident reports and follow-up on safety inspections performed at the facility during the month. Minutes of the meetings are recorded and distributed to the staff.
  8. Unit manager's meetings - On a monthly basis, unit managers and associate wardens meet to discuss issues dealing with housing units, security and overall facility operation. As needed, other staff from laundry, food service, infirmary, etc., attend to discuss issues or provide information. Meeting minutes are completed and available for discussion with unit staff, command post, etc.
  9. Shift commanders meeting -On a monthly basis, representatives from the three command post shifts meet with the associate warden of security to discuss security and facility-wide issues. This group also meets monthly with the warden to discuss topics impacting the command post.
  10. Human resource meeting - On a bi-weekly basis, the warden, associate wardens and human resource staff meet to discuss personnel issues, potential problem areas, etc. The meeting discusses confidential human resource and investigative issues for information-sharing purposes and disciplinary actions. As needed, other supervisors or staff are updated on the discussion, or are delegated tasks to complete.
  11. Individual work area communication - Unit managers, command post, department heads, etc. are encouraged to have short staff meetings on a monthly or as-needed basis to pass on or discuss information. Information is also shared through emails, memos and various meetings that occur on a weekly basis.
  12. Communication by walking around - The warden and associate wardens, as schedules allow, will visit various areas of the prison on a weekly basis. The purpose is to talk with staff, ask questions and pass information down. Staff and inmates also have an opportunity for questions and answers. A lot of communication on an informal basis occurs, as well as observation of activities within the facility. On a designated day of each week, the union president conducts a walk-around talking to staff, addressing issues and bringing issues for follow-up to MSP/MCE management.
  13. Unit management team/unit housing inmate representative meeting - Monthly meetings are held by each unit management team with an inmate representative to discuss issues, answer questions and provide direction. Information is also distributed to inmates by postings in the housing unit cell blocks.
  14. Budget status meetings - On a monthly basis, DOC budget bureau staff assigned to Montana State Prison meet with appropriate MSP staff to review budget projections, expenditures to date and overall budget status.
  15. Case review - This meeting is held bi-monthly with DOC investigators and the warden’s management team as necessary.
  16. Warden 1:1 - The warden meets biweekly with each direct report individually to discuss issues and share information about their areas of responsibility.
  17. MSP/MCE information line - On a bi-weekly basis, members of the warden’s and MCE administrator’s management team record information about their work area and upcoming events. Staff from both areas can dial an extension and listen to the recording.
  18. MEA-MFT meeting - An MEA-MFT representative and Local 4700 president and vice president meet with the warden on a weekly basis.
  19. MSP/MCE administrator’s meeting - The warden and MCE administrator meet on a biweekly basis to discuss joint concerns.
  20. Other sources -The facility utilizes reader boards, bulletin boards, housing unit postings and the video bulletin board to provide information and updates of importance to both staff and inmates.