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Montana Correctional Enterprises Communications Plan

  1. Administrator holds bi-weekly meetings with directors and administrative staff. Directors hold weekly meetings.
  2. Administrator holds quarterly Mid-Management meetings with Directors and mid-management staff.
  3. Administrator will schedule one day every two weeks to do a walk-through of each work location ensuring that all locations have been visited once every two months.
  4. Administrator is in contact with the DOC director through a bi-weely conference call.
  5. An MCE director or designee provides information at new employee orientations.
  6. Administrator will make a site visit to Montana Women's Prison one day every other month to visit programs in that facility.
  7. Administrator has staff contribute to the MSP and DOC quarterly newsletters.
  8. Distribute all applicable new and revised MCE, MSP and DOC policies.
  9. Minutes of all pertinent meetings, memos, weekly calendars, etc. are distributed by e-mail or placed in individual mailboxes.
  10. MCE food service publishes information collected from food surveys.
  11. MCE has established intranet and internet sites that include MCE Advisory minutes, product catalogs and program information.
  12. Administration attends the following meetings:
    1. quarterly DOC management team
    2. quarterly Prison Issues Board
    3. quarterly DOC Advisory Committee
    4. bi-annual Board of Pardons and Parole
    5. weekly Adminisrtrative Review
    6. monthly Investment in Excellence Leadership meetings
  13. MCE staff members attend the following meetings:
    1. Inmate Welfare Fund
    2. Warden's General Staff
    3. Safety Committee
    4. Communications Committee
    5. Warden's Management Team Meeting, reporting back as needed
    6. Investment in Excellence Leadership meetings
    7. Steps and New Directions Facilitator meetings