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Adult Community Corrections Communications Plan

  1. Quarterly mid-management meetings will include regional administrators from all six regions of probation and parole, bureau chiefs, contract managers, Interstate Compact, Treasure State Correctional Training Center, Missoula Assessment and Sanction Center administrator, Board of Pardons and Parole, and other support service staff such as legal, fiscal and human resources.
  2. From minutes of these quarterly meetings, bulleted items pertinent to the areas of prerelease, treatment programs or probation and parole will be distributed to ensure the appropriate parties receive items related to their specific area of interest.
  3. A training curriculum about the division will be developed and taken to the facilities and the programs over which the division has oversight.
  4. Weekly and bi-weekly manager meetings will provide updates on goals, projects and problems.
  5. Quarterly private contractor meetings will discuss issues, concerns, updates and provide a communication's forum between central office and field facilities.
  6. Training meetings will establish needs, including those involving Montana Law Enforcement Academy basic and field training officer.
  7. Weekly human resource and division meeting to improve work product, distribution and update of ongoing work and after-action reviews.
  8. Administrator will schedule a staff member to attend management team meetings to better understand issues and difficulties involved in managing a complex department.
  9. The division will post meeting agendas and minutes from the mid-management meetings on the DOC intranet and consider placing the regional probation and parole meeting minutes there as well.
  10. Monthly goals will be developed with regular reports on progress (review MSP informational tracking spreadsheet).
  11. Administrator will provide updates of management meeting to bureau chiefs after each meeting.
  12. Correspondence coming into the division will have a response within 10 days.
  13. Administrator, bureau chiefs and regional administrators will work toward an article for each edition of the Correctional Signpost.
  14. Administrator has bi-weekly contact with the director.
  15. The division has a designee for long-range building meetings.
  16. Administrator attends meetings of the DOC Advisory Council and Law and Justice Committee as needed.
  17. A division designee will attend meetings of the Prison Issues Board.
  18. A designee will atttend DOC Safety Committee meetings.
  19. The "Rainbow Book," which provides detailed information and statistics about the division, will be maintained.
  20. Brochures of division programming and costs will be available.
  21. Labor/management meetings for probation and parole needs to be standardized.
  22. Every bureau within the division will have a representative at the annual MSP Communication Fair.
  23. Every Friday when working, the administrator will randomly call someone in the field to touch base with them. (List will be developed and names drawn.)