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Great Falls Youth Youth Transition Centers
Operational Procedures Table of Contents

Comments or questions regarding Youth Transition Centers Procedures can be directed to:
Montana Department of Corrections
Youth Community Corrections Bureau
Serenity Osborn
P.O. Box 201301, Helena, MT 59620-1301.
(406) 444-9609
eMail Serenity Osborn

Procedure # Title

10 - Facility Operations

YTC 10-1 Standard Operating Procedure Manual
  YTC 10-1 (A) 40 Hour Orientation
  YTC 10-1 (B) Residents Contact List
  YTC 10-1 (C) Staff Handbook
YTC 10-2 Absconding
  YTC 10-2 (A) YTC Absconder Checklist
  YTC 10-2 (B) Pine Hills Fax
  YTC 10-2 (C) CCJDC Fax
  YTC 10-2 (D) Central Office Fax
  YTC 10-2 (E) Parent Not Contacted Letter
  YTC 10-2 (F) Cancellation Fax
YTC 10-3 Key Control
  YTC 10-3 (A) Key Control Inventory
YTC 10-4 Supervision
  YTC 10-4 (A) Daily Activity Log
  YTC 10-4 (B) Shift Change Checklist

20 -  Fiscal Management

YTC 20-2 Accounting for Appropriations and Expenditures of Funds
  YTC 20-2 (A) Purchase Order
  YTC 20-2 (B) Resident Allowance
  YTC 20-2 (C) Resident Activity Payment
YTC 20-3 Youth Fund Accounts
YTC 20-4 Internal Control and Monitoring of Accounting Procedures
  YTC 20-4 (A) Cash Reconciliation

60 - Resident Records

YTC 60-1 YTC Uniform File Organization
  YTC 60-1 (A) YTC Case File Audit

70 - Physical Plant

YTC 70-1 Size, Location, and Organization
YTC 70-2 Program and Service Areas
YTC 70-3 Youth Housing
YTC 70-4 Sleeping Areas
YTC 70-5 Environmental Conditions

80 - Safety and Emergency Procedures  

YTC 80-2 Facility Emergency Plan
  YTC 80-2 (A) Memorandum of Understanding
YTC 80-3 Fire Prevention and Equipment Testing
  YTC 80-3 (A) Fire Drill Form

100 - Food Service

YTC 100-1 Safety and Santiation for Food Service Standards
YTC 100-2 Menu Planning and Meal Service

110 - Sanitation and Hygiene

YTC 110-1 Houskeeping and Inspection of Sanitation Practices
  YTC 110-1 (A) Weekly Inspection Form
YTC 110-2 Waste Disposal and Pest Control
YTC 110-3 Bathing, Hair Care, and Personal Items for Residents

120 - Health Services

YTC 120-1 Medical Program Administration
  YTC 120-1 (A) Medical Consent Form
  YTC 120-1 (B) YTC Medicaid List
  YTC 120-1 (C) First Aid Inventory
YTC 120-2 Physical Examination and Communicable Diseases
  YTC 120-2 (A) Medical Screening Form
  YTC 120-2 (B) Resident Medical/Dental Log
YTC 120-3 Emergency Dental Care
YTC 120-4 Special Health Care Programs and Relationships with Community Health Care Agencies
YTC 120-6 Notification of Illness, Death, or Child Abuse
  YTC 120-6 (A) Child Abuse Reporting Requirements
YTC 120-7 Use of Pharmaceutical Products
  YTC 120-7 (A) Daily Medication log
  YTC 120-7 (B) Medication Count
  YTC 120-7 (C) Medication Check
  YTC 120-7 (D) Medical Prescription Refusal Form
  YTC 120-7 (E) Medication Disposal Form
  YTC 120-7 (F) Master Medication Log

130 - Resident's Rights

YTC 130-1 Resident Rights and Discipline
  YTC 130-1 (A) Request for Level Advancement
  YTC 130-1 (B) Level Expectations
YTC 130-2 Resident's Rights and Responsibilities and Grievance Process
  YTC 130-2 (A) Violations (under development)
  YTC 130-2 (B) Daily Achievement Log

140 - Rules and Discipline

YTC 140-1 Corporal or Unusual Punishment
YTC 140-3 Privilege Suspension

160 - Programs

YTC 160-1 Youth Community Residential Facility Programs
  YTC 160-1 (A) Monthly Activities
  YTC 160-1 (B) Bedroom Assignments
  YTC 160-1 (C) Extreme Sports Agreement
  YTC 160-1 (D) Home on Leave Request

170 - Reception, Classification, and Transfers

YTC 170-1 Resident Admission Process
  YTC 170-1 (A) Intake/Discharge Checklist
  YTC 170-1 (B) YTC Face Sheet
  YTC 170-1 (C) General Rules Sign-off Sheet
  YTC 170-1 (D) Youth Personal Inventory
  YTC 170-1 (E) Youth Personal Inventory Sign-off Sheet
  YTC 170-1 (F) YTC Parent Letter
  YTC 170-1 (G) Youth Handbook