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Montana Correctional Enterprises Dairy

The dairy continues as one of the top producing dairies in the State of Montana and offers inmate training and work opportunities in computerized milking parlor operations and dairy processing.  There are 365 cows that are milked three times per day, seven days per week.  A total of 35 inmate workers perform the various dairy jobs.  A full-time state-certified inmate lab technician works directly with the Department of Livestock.  Our new state-of-the-art computerized milking parlor doubled the number of stalls, allowing 20 cows to be milked simultaneously, reducing milking time by six hours per day.  This allows the cows more time to rest, re-hydrate and eat, increasing milk production.  Each cow also wears a leg bracelet containing a transponder that provides valuable production and health information of the animal. 

MCE dairy offers the following milk products:  whole milk, low fat milk, and skim milk in three and six gallon boxes and ½ pint cartons; cottage cheese in 20 and 40 pound containers; yogurt in five gallon containers and a variety of ice cream in 3 gallon containers and dixie cups.

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Dairy Production Information

  • Each cow produces approximately 92 lbs. of milk on a daily basis.
  • Milk production per cow ranks in the top 2% of Northwest dairy herds.
  • Surplus raw milk is sold to a local Dairy.  Cream is sold to several confectioners that manufacture and market specialty chocolates, caramels and syrups.