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Probation and Parole Division

The Division headquarters is located in Helena, with offices and facilities throughout Montana. The Division provides supervision for 80 percent of the more than 13,000 offenders in the corrections system.

Probation & Parole (P&P), through 23 field offices, supervises more than 9,000 adult probationers and parolees.

P&P also includes several specialized approaches including the Intensive Supervision Program (ISP). This is a six-month program providing a heightened level of offender management in communities of Montana, utilizing electronic monitoring and tracking devices, daily offender agenda schedules, and close monitoring by field staff. Other dedicated approaches focus on offenders with co-occurring disorders, DUI offenses, sexual offending, and substance abuse. Sixteen P&P staff are located at correctional custody programs around the state assisting offenders with reentry efforts as they transition from secure facilities to a lower level of placement or supervision.

The Programs and Facilities Bureau includes:

  • The Adult Interstate Compact Section coordinates the movement and data tracking of probationers and parolees among states. It oversees more than 1,600 adult offenders.
  • The Treasure State Correctional Training Center near Deer Lodge is a 60-bed correctional facility for men, based on a military format of discipline and treatment (boot camp). Programs employed during the trainee's 90 to 120-day incarceration include victimology, criminal thinking errors, anger management, substance abuse treatment and academic schooling.
  • Missoula Assessment and Sanction Center (MASC) is designed to identify comprehensive risk and needs information for male offenders. The center provides short-term treatment in chemical dependency, criminal thinking, sexual offender, and mental health counseling. MASC is a 144-bed facility operating within the Missoula County Detention Facility in Missoula.
  • The Contracted Facilities Section contracts with six non-profit prerelease centers for housing, treatment and supervision of 624 men and 174 women. These centers provide transition from prison to community and an alternative to prison for "diverted" offenders when public safety and the offenders' interests are best served by a level of supervision between prison and probation. The section also contracts with two assessment and sanction centers, as well as seven chemical dependency treatment facilities:
    • Sanction, Treatment, Assessment, Revocation and Transition (START), begun in 2005, the program is designed for “technical” violators only. Offenders that are facing additional felony offenses are not eligible for placement at the START facility. In 2010, a new facility was constructed near Anaconda, and the Division contracts for 118 beds.
    • Passages, located in Billings, offers a diverse number of services for female offenders. Passages Assessment, Sanction & Revocation Center (ASRC) identifies comprehensive risk and needs information; Passages Alcohol & Drug Treatment (ADT) provides structured inpatient chemical dependency treatment; and Passages Prerelease Center (PRC), an alternative to direct release from prison to the community.
    • Connections Corrections Program (CCP) is a 42-bed, 60 to 90-day residential chemical dependency treatment program for male offenders which began in 1998 and is located in Butte. In 2005, CCP expanded to Warm Springs, providing 52 additional beds.
    • Warm Springs Addiction Treatment and Change (WATCh) opened in February 2002 in Warm Springs and 2005 in Glendive for the supervision and treatment of felony (fourth and subsequent) DUI offenders. Providing 163-beds, the program is based on a modified therapeutic community approach. Those who successfully complete the six-month WATCh program may have the remainder of their 13-month mandatory prison sentences suspended.
    • Nexus and Elkhorn Treatment Centers opened in 2007 to provide alternatives to traditional sentencing of adult offenders who are addicted to methamphetamines and other substances. NEXUS, for male offenders, is an 80-bed facility located in Lewistown; Elkhorn, for women offenders, is a 40-bed facility located in Boulder.


  • Administrator Kevin Olson: (406) 444-9610;

Missoula Assessment and Sanctions Center

2340 Mullan Road; Missoula, MT 59808

DOC - MASC Administrator Vacant; (406) 258-4021

Prerelease Centers

Alternatives,Inc.; 3109 1st Avenue North; Billings, MT 59101 David Armstrong, CEO; (406) 259-9695; FAX (406) 259-0764

Community Counseling & Corr. Services, Inc.; 66 W. Broadway; Butte, MT 59701 Jay Grant, Director; (406) 782-2316; FAX (406) 782-1170

Gallatin County Reentry Program; 675 S. 16th Ave; Bozeman, MT 59715 Melissa Kelly, Director; (406) 994-0300; FAX (406) 994-0306

Great Falls Transition Center; 1019 15th Street North; Great Falls, MT 59401 Paul Cory, Director; (406) 727-0944; FAX (406) 727-0961

Helena Prerelease Center; 805 Colleen Street; Helena, MT 59601 Devin McGee, Director of Helena PRC(406) 442-6572; FAX (406) 495-0582

Missoula Correctional Services, Inc.; 2350 Mullan Road; Missoula, MT 59808 Sue Wilkins, Director;
(406) 541-9200; FAX (406) 541-9216