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Staff Services Division

The Staff Services Division is headquartered at Central Office in Helena and has staff remotely located at Montana State Prison, Deer Lodge; Montana Women’s Prison, Billings; the Department Training Center in Deer Lodge and the Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility in Miles City. The Division supports department Administrators through the following functional subdivisions:

Human Resource Bureau

Provides human resource management and consulting services to the department. Oversees agency compliance with Federal and State employment and Civil Rights laws; position classification; employee compensation & benefits; labor relations and contract administration; recruitment & selection and employee discipline and commendations.

Professional Development Bureau

Supports the department mission through staff training, education and professional development based on laws and standards of modern, efficient and consistent correctional practices. Bureau staff provides facilitation services to Administrators including system mapping, team building, change management and strategic planning.

Policy Unit

Administers all policy-related matters for the Department to ensure policies and operating procedures are developed, reviewed and managed in accordance with applicable national standards, federal and state laws, and Department directives.

American Indian Liaison

Ensures American Indian inmates' cultural and spiritual needs and concerns are addressed in an appropriate and professional manner. Recruits American Indian applicants for department positions at State and Tribal College career fairs and provides department staff and external customers with training on American Indian cultural practices.

  • Acting Administrator Colleen Ambrose: (406) 444-4152
    • Human Resource Bureau Chief Vacant: 444-0445
      • Central Office Unit
        • Human Resource Specialist Carol Fah: (406) 444-0439
        • Human Resource Specialist Amy Holodnik: (406) 444-1541
        • Human Resource Recruiter Vacant: (406) 444-1680
        • Human Resource Technician Donna Stone: (406) 444-3803
      • Montana State Prison Unit (406) 846-1320
      • Montana Women's prison
      • Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility
    • Staff Development & Training Bureau Chief Lisa Hunter: (406) 444-3909
      • DOC Training Center (Deer Lodge) (406) 846-1320
      • Professional Development Speicalist, Central Office/MWP Rae Ann Forseth: (406) 444-9819
      • Professional Development Specialist, Adult Community Corrections Bill Barker: (406) 444-7892
      • Professional Development Specialist, Distance Education/eLearning Designer Mandie Carter: (406) 444-7795
    • Investigations Bureau Chief Dale Tunnell: (406) 444-4761
      • Investigation Unit Deer Lodge (406) 846-1320
    • Legal Services Bureau Chief Colleen Ambrose: (406) 444-4152
    • Policy Specialist Kurt Aughney: (406) 444-2828
    • American Indian Liaison VACANT: (406) 444-0403

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